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by Kbm Kbm

Own the Original 10cm x 10cm
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Year created: 2014
Original Size: 10cm x 10cm
Original Medium: Mixed Media Work
Art Style: Pop Art
Art Subject: World Culture
Description for this art was not written... =(
Art by the Artist Kbm Kbm From Glasgow, United Kingdom

KBM is a British producer, artist and writer, based in the UK, the United States, Europe and Dubai in the Middle East though as an artist he is known as KBM. He was born in Mogadishu, Somalia . He is 35 and is the son of a presidents businessman and ambassador. He grew up and was educated in Europe and the United States in contrast to his African origins, because his family emigrated to Italy in 1982 before the war in Somalia and the development of an international state of alert at that time.Before the family emigrated, his father, Mr Giafer Mohamed Beder was assistant and co- founder of the presidency of Siad Barre, working on the practice of politics and policies in Somalia. After the loss of family members, especially KBMs father in 1993, the family was dispersed around the world to the United States, Europe and the Middle East. They obtained international refuge with the United Nations Security Council in the United States, where they were offered refuge, and in the United Kingdom. Subsequently after a few years he would settle in 1990 in the UK alone, before the death of his father. KBM is educated to graduate level in linguistic and cultural arts and media productions. He passed his A-levels in languages, specialising in English language after he grew to understand its international importance; before this he always spoke Italian. He grew up bilingual, having lived in Italy and Bologna for most of his childhood until reaching maturity at the age of 25 years.KBM has from an early age been considered a creative genius. During and after his academic studies while living in Europe, he studied French and art in Paris, where he nurtured his desire to be an artist and graduated in art and fashion practices at Academie des Ecole in Paris, against the wishes of his family who wanted him to go into international political and economic management. He moved back to Italy where he was unable to find employment and had a hard time without the support of his family. He opened and created the label Marilyn design, an innovative label and store where his creations were sold, though only a few people perceived his talent for art and creativity. Unfortunately at that time a friend died after a car accident, affecting the artists future life in pain and the search for another soul similar to his friend. The search is fruitless as he will never be replaced by another person in life, though probably since that date he has been in search of a soulmate. The label was closed for various reasons including heavy debt, meaning that he had to abandon his creativity for a while where he was not fully understandable culturally.At this time he held his first solo exhibition; a presentation of a portfolio of painting photography subjects and a small design sketch. This was while he was an academic at Luigi Gallery in 1990 at the age of 25, funding himself with his savings. Unfortunately he was unsuccessful at this time.Here as producer he came into contact with the Italian national art world, especially with emerging new talents from Florence with Pitti exhibitions, as well as Milan and New York on all that was happening with advertising and the controversial new artists who exhibited there, producing their own work from design art and culture such as "luomo imagine". Milan was experiencing the beginning of a boom in advertising with campaigns such as Benetton with Professor Olivieri Toscani in Italy at that time. KBM is still now a supporter of the Academy of Fabric in Italy. He has developed and grown artistically with important knowledge in terms of narrative expression and his own style. KBM was unable to fit culturally, racially, creatively and artistically in Bologna because its medieval cultural life is without innovation, and does not allow the opportunity to express ideas and create. While the quality of life was always high, the working class was all about, as well as classic Italian art such as Giotto, Michelangelo etc. KBM was, historically speaking, part of Europe in these years, which was still changing politically and culturally after the 1970s and 1980s, and KBM was of this generation. A generation under this influence, incapable of having space for their lives to build up creativity and artistic life. One of the few artist practitioners of new media at that time of computer-generated games and sound developments, he worked on the development of the drum and bass genre of world music. KBM collaborated and presented the Link Project in 2001 as assistant curator, again in Bologna. At that time it was the European Capital City of Culture, and gay movements were finding freedom and acknowledgment all across Europe. This project was a cultural event that generated innovative technology within music and arts, with the beginning of the first installation and video arts in Europe. Not to mention New York, working with photography and print already with artists such as Maddy Rosenberg and her beautiful black and white work of photography and advertising in New York in 1979. It was here that the producer, artist and writer consolidated his creativity, coming across creative directors such as Sandra Berti in Milan and others in the Italian art world.He took a gap period while living in the United States before settling definitely in the UK. He stayed in the States near to his parents and he is literally an unknown artist in the American art world. He went back to study further, gaining education in languages and American culture in the States, which he finished when he came to settle in the UK.In 2002, when he landed in the UK the artist was afflicted by several problems of integration and undesired aspects of being an immigrant. He went back to further studies to finish his English language education. It was here that he discovered his love for media, in studying languages and media. He completed his studies while still engaging in art research, whether writing, painting or recording a video. During this time he lived in England, before his ultimate move to Scotland. While studying he created a series of small projects called My Life, which were documented and edited by the artist. They consisted of some thoughts on poetry and erotic reviews for adults, with a desire to approach pornography but without result.He was unsuccessful with work and also lacked finance and support to publish here in the UK. He lost with works which would prove unfundable as minor operas, such as the short story called Villa Commenda, N.50 and a series of radio scripts and advertising scripts. In England he collaborated as a radio presenter with a friendly station at its outset in the UK, offering music such as electro and lounge. This was in Brighton, where he loved to live before moving again.In 2004 he finally moved to Scotland, a country unknown to the artist, and that he will never understand but he does like. To date he is in search of the original innovative and beautiful elements within the arts and culture and less classicistic of works with different media approach but full of creativity, significance and practices of elements that teach you something still where you can learn something when we look for art today! I believe...In 2004 also he produced several small projects by his own researches, and scripts for media, radio and advertising, now working as a so far unpublished freelancer writer. Meanwhile he was working on an important project called Omelia that he produced, wrote and directed, and An Installation: an installation of a video art in production - not commissioned - but that will be published and exhibited soon in the UK. Omelia is a small production of video art that the artist, producer and writer wanted to give to charity to the public and to an organisation. Omelia was produced and recorded in Scotland and represents an exploration of the routine that we live in our real lives without realising that we do the same things all the time. He produced, wrote and directed Omelia which will now stand as an interconnection of the development of the artist between his career development and what he is now as a world-class artist in 2008.In 2005 he put into practice his method of research on online media as a freelance writer for an American company, Whitney Museum of American Arts. He wrote several articles to different clients but of three articles he published two of them in New York. His last research - an online article and interview with Ellen Gallagher, an artist based in New York touring in Europe for her digital media compositions to represent beauty - was in 2004 in Fruitmarket Gallery, Scotland.To understand his art; the artist is an individual who is released from his origins and culture and childhood education. He is a communicator of all mediums. Only after his unstable childhood and his maturity to approach arts did he become interested in culture, bilingualism and practices of art form such as visual art, video and film, and writing. He uses different media to reach to his audience, bringing out surreal reality and beauty. His Ideology in his art life is not only to describe and narrate events, showing icons. KBM fights to search for equilibrium between arts and reality and differences between reality and visual art, communicating to everybody. KBM has always been a real innovator of his time in the abstract and avant garde fields, and a visionary of predictions of what is upcoming - he says that he is a lover of the original. His ideology is also to fight and search for perfect sound and beauty in life, in culture and within the arts. This why we see the artists production influenced by classicism and old practices such as still painting or photography of the same subject, and continuously finding diversity and commonality in representation.Currently he is working on a photography project called Six month that soon will be exhibited. This will explore the differences of lights through our daylight and the effects that these produce on sunset, dawn, night and day with changing colours, tone and images every day.Now in 2008 he has an upcoming exhibition and productions project to terminate his mission as a producer, writer and artist for life on human equality, on race and peace in the world without racism, wars and starvation. He is currently part of the United Nations together with his sister who lives in Toronto. He travels between New York, Milan, Dubai and Dar es Salaam for work. Although now he is based in Scotland: Glasgow and in England: London....

Edit About:

KBM 1/212 Banner Drive GlasgowG13 2HPTel/Fax: 0141 434 0225 & 07951295955 E-mail: [email protected] Web:www.bbfreelancer.comWith significant skills, qualifications and experience in a number of creative industries, I am keen to build a long-term career in a working environment where I can develop and broaden my skills and contribute effectively in a focused and imaginative manner. I have excellent communication and language skills and work effectively as part of a team and on my own initiative. I enjoy working to deadlines and I am an ambitious and reliable individual. Produced directed and maintained
LocationUK - Italy - Mid-East, United KingdomWebsite

Work and Education Edit

Executive Producer and Business Owner
2004 - 2005 University of Paisley, School of Media BA (Hons) Media, arts & languages Studies

2002- 2004 University of Luton BA (Hons) Linguistics: English Language Studies & Media arts

1994- 1996 Ecole’ Des art, Paris
Higher Diploma in art & Fashion.

2001- 2002 North Glasgow College
NC.Television Production and Operation

1993 – 1994 Dante Alighieri, Italy.
8 A-Level- Business Administrations

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