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by James Cooper

Own the Original 30" x 30"
Ships directly from the artist James Cooper
Original Price: $2,750.00
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Year created: 2005
Original Size: 30" x 30"
Original Medium: Color Work
Art Style: Classical
Art Subject: Landscapes
Artist comment about this artwork: "Kims Sunset 2005 Pigment print un-manipulated transparency film image 30x30 image size 34x34 paper size Epson Premium Luster paper edition of ten c-prints edition of ten pigment prints Signed numbered and captioned in ink on the verso".
Art by the Artist James Cooper

"It may be assumed that the achievements within a particular medium are the more satisfying aesthetically if they build from the specific properties of the medium." Siegfried Kracauer, Theory of Film.

By using just a camera and film, and not altering the film image in printing a photograph, what kind of images can be made?

Artist friends would say to me, snickering a little, “what can a camera do in making art - it is just a camera.” Then one of them asks for help in making an image with a camera (a backlit telephone pole with just the foot pegs lit). We made the image, showed it at Otis (College of Art and Design), and people said, “Wow, that's cool."

Really the image should be an experience. It should shift you. Make you smile maybe. Or something, hopefully intended. And, an image made with film has a feel to it.

The photograph should be an accurate record of what the camera and film captured, with the absolute minimum disturbance of the captured image during the processing and finishing stages. A transparency film image processed through standard chemistry is the paradigm for an un-manipulated image. So, just a camera and some film.

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