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by Greg Greeson

Own the Original 28" x 20"
Ships directly from the artist Greg Greeson
Original Price: $49.00
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Year created: 2007
Original Size: 28" x 20"
Original Medium: Mixed Media Work
Art Style: Graphic Design
Art Subject: Transportation
Artist comment about this artwork: "One of a series of fourteen lithographs that originally appeared in the Mercedes-Benz STAR magazine as well as being sold in the Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Collection at dealerships and the Classic Centers in Germany and the USThe originals were created by Art Center College of Design alum and professional automotive designer GM Volkswagen and freelance using the same materials utilized in automotive design studios worldwide translucent vellum paper with marker pastel chalk and Prismacolor pencils Original automotive sketches tend to have very low shelf life as designers create renderings to communicate their concepts not as lasting works of art PLEASE NOTE the renderings in these lithographs were scanned at high resolution soon after their completion to preserve the original art with the same vibrant crisp colors with which it was created They will not fade or bleed although the printer recommends they be displayed under UV-glass and not in direct sunlight Sized at a generous 20x28 they can be custom-framed or handsomely mounted in a standard hobby-store frame".
Art by the Artist Greg Greeson From Austin, Texas, United States

A rare combination of artist, industrial designer, entrepreneur and businessman, Greg Meyer Greeson has led design teams in major corporations and founded startup ventures in three countries. A graduate of California’s Art Center College of Design, he was Senior Designer of advanced design studios at Adam Opel AG and Volkswagen AG in Germany; in 1984 he was on the start-up team for Art Center’s campus in Switzerland. As Director of International Automotive Design’s IAD Germany operations from 1990-1994, he oversaw design, engineering, modeling and prototype-build projects for automotive clients including Mercedes-Benz, GM, Honda, Ford and Mitsubishi.

Greeson’s Austin, Texas-based industrial design firm, GRID Design, consults to major automakers worldwide with proposals for vehicle designs such as the 2005 Mustang. He illustrates articles for car enthusiast publications including BMW’s Roundel and Mercedes-Benz Car Club’s STAR. He also founded and grew, a startup furniture business, to US$24 million in revenue. As CEO, he positioned the firm as a retail pioneer in European-style residential and commercial furnishings on the Internet.

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