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by Caron Bowman

Own the Original 20" x 16"
Ships directly from the artist Caron Bowman
Original Price: $325.00
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Year created: 2011
Original Size: 20" x 16"
Original Medium: Paintings Work
Art Style: Pop Art
Art Subject: Astronomy Space
Artist comment about this artwork: "The sun kissed the moon and wished her fair morning".
Art by the Artist Caron Bowman From West Palm Beach, Florida, United States

The art I create is highly influence by Afro-Latin roots. My parents are from Honduras where the Mayan civilization once dominated the landscape.
Due to this, I have always been fascinated with color and abstraction. I like to combine images from the past with my work. Finding new ways to interconnect faces, bodies, and shapes into abstract colorful forms. Color is an important property in my work because it produces different sensations on the eye. Each color is chosen carefully in order to balance the work.

During the last 10 years, my work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Over my career, I have been recognized by several organizations for my artistic achievements and community service. Moreover, my artwork has been profiled in various publications.

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Astronomy Space


Pop Art

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