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by Adrian Grecu

Own the Original 100cm x 100cm
Ships directly from the artist Adrian Grecu
Original Price: $470.00
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Year created: 2015
Original Size: 100cm x 100cm
Original Medium: 3D Work
Art Style: Surrealism
Art Subject: World Culture
Artist comment about this artwork: "Touching the light 2".
Art by the Artist Adrian Grecu From Cluj Napoca, Romania

Adrian GRECU

Born: 6 January 1969, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

1997 - Master, University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca
1996 - University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca
1995 - C.E.P (Civic Education Project)-course, Contemporary Arts
1992 - Faculty of Physics, "Babeş-Bolyai" University, Cluj

2005 - now - designer & Manager of the S.C. G Multimedia S.R.L., Design Studio
2002 - 2005 - designer
2000 - 2002 - assistant University of Art and Design, Cluj, Photo and Video Section
1997 - 2000 - art teacher

Personal Exhibitions:
2009 -"Ancient Gallery", Cluj-Napoca (glass & 3D projects)
1999 -"Ancient Gallery", Cluj-Napoca (glass &computer art)
1998 -"Arts Home Gallery", Bucharest (glass & neon tubes)
1997 -"Ancient Gallery", Cluj-Napoca (glass & neon tubes)
1996 -"Pantheon" Gallery, Cluj-Napoca (glass & neon tubes)

Joint Exhibitions:
2013 - UAP Exhibition, The National Art Museum, Cluj
2012 - “Salon pe balcon”, The National Art Museum, Cluj
2006 - Glass and Ceramics Exhibition - The National Art Museum, Cluj
- Kore Gallery - Glass & neon tubes
- Ancient Gallery - "Interart Exhibition"
- Romanian Modern Artists` Exhibition- Koga City Museum - Japan
2003: - Ex Libris International Exhibition ,Stedelijke Musea, Sint Niklaas, Belgium
2001: - Graphics International Festival, "Oulim The Great Harmony", Seul, Korea
- Ex Libris International Exhibition, Gliwicze, Poland
- The International Mini-Print Biennial, The National Art Museum, Cluj
- Graphics International Festival, Kanagawa, Japan
2000 - The exhibition "Identities", Brancusi Hall, The House of Parlament, Bucharest
- International Print Festival, Cheju, Korea
1999 - Exhibition of Romanian Decorative Arts, Romanian Cultural Centre,Venice, Italy
-The International Mini-Print Biennial, The National Art Museum, Cluj
1996 -The anniversary exhibition "Academia 70", "Big Gallery" (U.A.P.)
- Design exhibition, "Big Gallery" (U.A.P.)
1997- The International Exhibition "Nesse Bition", Osaka, Japan
-The International Biennial of ceramics-glass-metall, "Arts of Fire", Galeria Etaj 34, Bucharest
1995 -The exhibition of the ceramics-glass section, The National Art Museum, Collection Departament, Cluj-Napoca
1991, 1993 - The County Graphics Hall, "Big Gallery" (U.A.P.), Cluj

2001:-videoclip Andy (Ex ALTAR):
MCM Chanel-Romania - for MCM Rock
ATOMIC Chanel - for Rockada
TVR2 Chanel - for Underground
B1 TV Chanel
2002:-Intro Sport for TVR2 Chanel
-videoclip publicity Astral Telecom, TVR2

Web sites, CD prezentation
Articles in press about exhibitions:
"Tribuna" nr.371996, "Stirea" 25 June 1997, "Szabadsag" 12 June 1997,
National daily "Romania Libera"7 February 1998, "Dreptatea" nr.1751998, "Natiunea" 6-12 February 1998, "Privirea" 27 January-3 February 1998, "2000 Plus" nr. 51998, national cultural review "Contemporanul"
22 January 1998, "Monitorul" 5 November 1999, "Adevarul de Cluj" 3 November 1999, "Szabadsag" 4 November
1999, "Transilvania Jurnal" 4 Novemver 1999, "Mesagerul Transilvan" 3 November 1999, "Informatia de Cluj" 6-12 November 1999

Pictures in cultural reviews:
"Echinox" nr.61988, "Napoca Universitara" 1988, "Patria" nr. 2,3,6,7,8,9,141990, "Tribuna" nr. 371997, "Contemporanul" 22 January 1998, "Artelier" nr 21998, "Vatra" nr. 41999.

Covers of books:
EIKON Publishing House, Tribuna Publishing House, Dacopress Publishing House, Eta Publishing House, Neremia Napocae Publishing House Romania, Experimental Forlag Publishing House, Denmark

3D Modelling & Rendering in 3D Studio Max, ZBrush, Blender, Vue Esprit, Terragen, Poser.
Graphic design in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw.
Movie Editting: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects
Web: Adobe Dreamweather, Flash, HTML
Layout: Indesign

- 1st prize: The New Energy Paradigm Shift 2012 Art Show (

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