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by Erasmo Amato

Own the Original 60cm x 40cm
Ships directly from the artist Erasmo Amato
Original Price: $1,200.00
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Year created: 2015
Original Size: 60cm x 40cm
Original Medium: Mixed Media Work
Art Style: Other
Art Subject: Humor
Artist comment about this artwork: "Beware the dog he hates smartphonesfinally a true friend of humans mosaic collage on plywood ca 40 x 60 cm".
Art by the Artist Erasmo Amato

Amato Erasmo, - painter, cartoonist, digital artist, graphic designer, illustrator, children's book author, photographer. Born in Italy (near Naples), contemporary artist, Neapolitan spirit in the art ! He is founder of the group of artists " ARTE-QUATTRO " to Munich and Temporarily he lives in this city in (Germany). His works are not limited to traditional painting. He tries to analyze the critical but humorous aspects of the society in which we live. Most of his compositions are metaphors and are directed at those who love to reflecting.The newest specialities of the artist are: collage and mosaics!
For the mosaics, the most tiles, come from Vietri sul mare - Italy ( homeland from of the beautiful ceramics, already known in antiquity in Europe)!
The most famous compositions of this artist are: " Interneticus " ( Feminae Interneticus, Homo Interneticus ), the mosaic " that is also love " and " Morbus Smartphonis"!

Last Exhibitions and fairs:
2015 International fair of contemporary art "ART-INNSBRUCK" .
2014 International fair of contemporary art "ART-INNSBRUCK" .
2014 Group exhibition in the "Orangerie " English Garden in Munich (D).
2012 16 .th International fair of contemporary art " Art Innsbruck ".
2011 Culture House - Neuperlach, Munich (D).
2011 15 .th International fair of contemporary art " Art Innsbruck ".
2010 Akzenta, Graz(A).
2009 International art fair Salzburg(A).
2009 International fair of contemporary art " Art Innsbruck "

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