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by Marnie Bourque

Own the Original 14" x 11"
Ships directly from the artist Marnie Bourque
Original Price: $125.00
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Year created: 2014
Original Size: 14" x 11"
Original Medium: Oil Work
Art Style: Other
Art Subject: Landscapes
Artist comment about this artwork: "I am a huge Disney fan and saw this on one of my trips These are newer restrooms in the Magic Kingdom and they are just gorgeous Only Disney can make a restroom something wonderful At night they take on an even more beautiful look with all the lanterns lit".
Art by the Artist Marnie Bourque From Sterling, Connecticut, United States

I am a self taught artist that was born, and lives in a tiny little town in Connecticut, part of what is known as the "Quiet Corner". The town, and surrounding towns are very picturesque, inspiring a lot of my art. I took art in high school, but took a different turn in College, studying Civil Engineering and then working in that field for 20 years. I now work part time in that field, and the rest of my time is spent painting and trying to further my art career.
I create art with oil paints, and canvas, and am inspired by almost anything. By painting everyday, or as often as I can, I have seen lots of improvement. I also take a class with a local artist, Candace Eno, and enjoy being with other artists in my area. I think you never stop learning and work hard to perfect my craft.
I find subjects to paint on vacations, or driving in my town. I also can be inspired by a friend’s photo online and will ask permission before painting. I like my art to remind me of a beautiful place I have been with my family, or a tree blossoming at an old farmhouse. I basically like cheerful art that takes me back to a great time with family, or a beautiful scene. My home is full of art like this, as I believe your home should be your sanctuary, one that fills you with nostalgia and happiness. My painting “Happy Place” won 3rd place in an online contest, and I have also won a blue ribbon for my personal painting of “Ratatouille” and ribbons for a painting of my daughter at Buttonwoods, a lighthouse, and my parents classic corvette at Zip’s diner. I have learned a lot painting as often as I do, and have seen such an improvement, especially in color. My wish is to someday earn a little profit at something I love to do rather than something I have to do. I’m always grateful when someone spends their hard earned money to purchase one of my paintings, or two, for their own sanctuary, and also honored that they welcome my art into their home.

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