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by Ilia Torbin

Own the Original 39.37" x 47.24"
Ships directly from the artist Ilia Torbin
Original Price: $1,000.00
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Year created: 2013
Original Size: 39.37" x 47.24"
Original Medium: Oil Work
Art Style: Expressionism
Art Subject: Religion Philosophy
Artist comment about this artwork: "Original oil painting oil painting on canvas direct from the artist unframed Crucifixion 1Name of the work Crucifixion 1Dimensions 120x100 cm or 4724x3937 inchesTechnique oil on canvasYear of creation 2013Artist ILIA TORBINunframed it will be delivered in a roll with tubeStrange but i started that work exactly the Christmas day but i realized that only several days laterEvery work has unique signature of the author year or creation and name of the work in Russian All the pictures are pure improvisation based on the images of subconscious There is a theory that subconscious is connected with the human soul and some people says that subconscious is a soul Thats why for me the images which are going from subconscious are more real than reality itself".
Art by the Artist Ilia Torbin

I was born in 1985 in Russia, Barnaul city. Since childhood, I felt a kind of feeling that something inside, a kind of energy that requires its incarnation in the material and release form.
I had no idea what it is and what is the source of this feeling. I only bother looking for that tool, with which I may exercise this charge and release it outside. I felt that this potential is important, and i need to find a tool for its implementation.
Finding this tool began when i was about 10. I dabbled in sports (hockey, table tennis), after which I found nothing changed inside me. After a certain period, I realized that i need to look for a tool in the spiritual, as the internal potential energy was like a spiritual experience.
I started to get involved in esoteric and religion. Again after a certain period, reading books, videos etc. I realized that it became easier, but nevertheless the feeling remained. This can be compared with the feeling that it is your destiny, that is your duty to release this potential, at the same time, it is this stimulus pushes you and shows you the path.
After that, I met some musicians who opened for me the wonderful world of music. That's when I first time felt the closeness of this feeling with the creativity itself. Then I clearly realized that I needed to dig in creative professions.
At the time I was studying at the Pedagogical University, Faculty of Foreign Languages. I left the University at 4 course and enrolled in the School of Music in saxophone. I realized that I needed creativity as air and wondered that the music is the tool, with which I will be able to release this energy. And indeed, I felt light and flight.
Then I organized music groups in order to create a team that would help me with the embodiment of this feeling. But I was faced with the integrity of the collective, which knows of any musician. When one leaves, another arrives, and the third just becomes interesting.
After that I ran even with financial difficulties and has come a long period of research and the next thought. At this point, I became acquainted with some of the artists of our city and it was then that I realized that artist does not need a team to implement their ideas, he alone is able to realize his idea or image.
Then I realized that it's mine, all the more so since childhood I was comfortable being alone and meditate in solitude. Then I entered the preparatory courses for admission to art college, passed the annual courses of drawing and composition. Began to attend private lessons in painting. I rented cheap studio and began to work.
And then I felt the realization of this potential and experience. As if I opened the door, which was locked up for a long time. Of course at first I did not succeed, but the feeling was implemented and then I realized that I was on the right way.
I found the tool that I was looking for a long time. These tools have become art. I also made sure that any work as a whole is able to release this feeling. Just here already, you can select any tool, it is not so important.
I started painting in 2010. I was most interested in the theory of art and the true essence of the art itself.
Since today there is more and more obvious tendency to form treatment and not to the content, and this is true of the man himself. Today we look at how people dressed or what they look like, and what kind of person, what are his thoughts, sometimes it does not matter. Even the art of today has become a design, i.e. form without content.
The main difference of my painting is that I absolutely do not use any kind or a photo. That's why the images are taken directly from the subconscious. In my opinion, this kind of images are most close to reality.

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