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by Ahmad Elias

Own the Original 20" x 16"
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Year created: 2009
Original Size: 20" x 16"
Original Medium: Acrylic Work
Art Style: Abstract
Art Subject: Abstract
Description for this art was not written... =(
Art by the Artist Ahmad Elias

Ahmad Elias

Born in Deir Atieh in 1954.

Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University, Internal Design in 1981.

A member of Fine Arts Association and the Arab Plastic Artists Union.

Foundation member of the SIX plus ONE Group.

A member in the postal stamps’ committee

His Personal Exhibitions :
An exhibition in Deir Atieh in 1986.
An exhibition in the Arabic Cultural Center in Damascus in 1988.
An exhibition in Ornina Gallery in Damascus in 1989.
An exhibition in the Arabic Cultural centerin Damascus in 1990.
An exhibition in the Arabic Cultural Center in Damascus in 1991.
An exhibition in Khanji Gallery in Aleppo in 1992.
An exhibition in Damascus Gallery for Fine Arts in 1993.
An exhibition in Nasir Shora Gallery in 1994.
An exhibition in Khanji Gallery in Aleppo in 1995.
An exhibition in Ishtar Gallery in Damascus 1996.
An exhibition in Ishtar Gallery in Damascus 1999.
An exhibition in Nasir Shora Gallery in 2005.
His Participated Exhibition:
All Six plus One’s group exhibitions.
A shared exhibition in Deir Atieh with artists .
Ghazi Elkhaldi & M. Elwiheibi in 1992.
A shared exhibition in Lebanon (Beirut – Tripoli) with Syrian artists in 1993.
All annual exhibitions and the exhibition of the Ministry of Culture and Arts Association since 1982.
As well as Love Festival Exhibition in Lattakia:
The first exhibition of Lattakia’s Biennially in1995.
The second exhibition of Lattakia’s Biennially in 1997.
The exhibition of Al-Sharjah’s biennially in 1997.
A binary exhibition Ahmad Elias & Anwar Al – Rahabi in Nasir Shora Gallery in 1997 .
Participation and appreciation license from“Rejalat Al Majd” Exhibition - Beirut 2000.
Exhibition of /14/ Syrian artists in Damascus Gallery in 2001.
Participation in the Opening Exhibition of "Al Wasitti Gallery” in Damascus 2001.
Participation and appreciation license in Tripoli- Lebanon Exhibition during the Arab Summit in Beirut, 2002.
Prizes & Licenses:
He was awarded several appreciation prizes
& licenses. Moreover, several local and Arabic papers and magazines have written about his works.
He was awarded the Silver prize of the third exhibition of Lattakia’s Biennially in 1999.
He was awarded an International Prize in Baghdad International Third Festival for Arts 2002.
Other Efforts:
His works of art are owned by: the Ministry of Cultural Center, the political Administration and Some private Arabic and international collections in Syria – Lebanon -Jordan - Sudia Arabia – Arabic Qatar - France - United States of America – Spain. Emirates
-He designed many logos, medals, books and magazines covers, he was the director of many books and magazines, he was a supervisor of many sculpture and artistic works.

Syria Damascus P.O Box 4527 Fax:00963116121253Home Tel : 0096311 + / 6428850/ 6428849/ 6123253 Mobile: 00963944279630
[email protected]

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