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by Marina Proskurina

Own the Original 20" x 16"
Ships directly from the artist Marina Proskurina
Original Price: $600.00
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Year created: 2014
Original Size: 20" x 16"
Original Medium: Mixed Media Work
Art Style: Abstract
Art Subject: Abstract
Description for this art was not written... =(
Art by the Artist Marina Proskurina

Fine art; Digital art; Digital Design, Photography; Digital imaging; Painting; Ceramics; Teaching
Ph.D. in Fine Art and Design, earned in Moscow, Russia; Master of Fine Art in Art and Design,
Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry, Moscow, Russia
Affiliations Awards:
Florida Professional Photographers; Professional Photographers of America; Professional Photographers Society of Central Florida; UNESCO International Federation of Artists
Throughout the duration of your career, what was the one highlight that stood out the most?:
The highlight of her career was being recognized by ARTFORUM as the "Best of 2011” in New York city in December, 2011.
Extended Bio Profile:
Dr. Proskurina has earned international acclaim and numerous awards for her imaginative works of art. She has been an adjunct professor at Daytona State College for 13 years, teaching a variety of drawing, painting, design, and digital imaging courses each semester. Currently she is teaching full time instructor in Manatee Technical College. In 2004, she received the International Kodak Gallery Award for Photographic Excellence in Art, as well as special recognition and merit awards for digital art imaging. She has shown her work all over the world, including at exhibitions in Italy, the Czech Republic, Holland and India. Dr. Proskurina began her career in Russia and moved to the United States in 1998. For ten years in a row, she has been ranked as one of the top 10 Central Florida photographers in the fine digital art category. In 2012 she became a Photographer of the Year.
In addition to working with digital photography, Dr. Proskurina excels as a painter and ceramic sculptor. For more information on Dr. Proskurina, please visit "" and
Position Responsibilities and Duties:
Creating original works for exhibitions, competitions and clients; Photography 2) Teaching fine art and fine art digital imaging and design.
Education Certifications:
Lifetime Teaching Certification for College and University Instruction (1999)
Loan Collection of America 2012-2015, Professional Photographer of America competitions 2012-2015.
Distinguished Award in Art Imaging, Florida Professional Photographers Convention (2013);
Merit Awards in Art Imaging, National and State Competitions (2004-2012); 15-Time Recipient, Merit Awards in Art Imaging, Florida Professional Photographers Convention, Orlando, FL (2004-2015); Nine-Time Recipient ,Photographer of the Year 2012 and Top Ten Photographers, Professional Photographers Society of Central Florida (2003-2012); Distinguished Award in Art Imaging, Florida Professional Photographers Convention (2011); Honorable Mention in Mixed Media, "Best of Florida Artists and Artisans" (2006); International Kodak Gallery Award for Photographic Excellence in Art, Kodak (2004)

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