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by Svetlana Tikhonova

Own the Original 60cm x 50cm
Ships directly from the artist Svetlana Tikhonova
Original Price: $300.00
Own a Fine Art Reproduction
High Quality Print on CanvasUsually ships in 3-5 business days
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Year created: 2015
Original Size: 60cm x 50cm
Original Medium: Oil Work
Art Style: Expressionism
Art Subject: People
Artist comment about this artwork: "I love to paint peoples emotions combine their expressions and unfold characters in my art This painting is my vision of a modern young woman who is living in a big city Have you ever noticed how aura of megalopolis imprints itself on every personality Red is a passion Orange - independence Pink - tenderness Shes a woman who knows what she wants and reaches her aim no matter what Behind her teenage daring and graffiti-like style her straightness and power she is still tender and loving women forming by big city lights Original oil painting made on stretched cotton canvas with palette knife Edges are painted so there is no need for framing D-rings attached on the back ready to hang Covered with damar varnish to preserve color and protect from dust and moisture When shipped artwork will be packed in a wooden box made specially for this painting and wrapped in four layers of protective material acid free paper bubble wrap moisture block and bubble wrap again I send my artwork by EMS this means delivery right to your doorstep Postage is insured tracking number will be provided In order to avoid delay in customs painting will have export permission from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus ".
Art by the Artist Svetlana Tikhonova From Brest, Belarus

I think I can call myself a self-taught artist, since I used to combine real world and bright colors from the childhood.
However, I got artistic education in the studio of Tolmachev M.S., an artist and a honored teacher. As a member of this studio, I had participated in exhibitions in Japan and Poland. Later I extended my education by studying design and decor.
After education I spent time mostly in travel: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Spain, Italy - lots of countries. I met with people, their stories, local myths and legends. It was so inspiring - I started to write book and poetry. But it was not enough: images, shapes and memories urged me to return to painting, and so I did.
I like mysticism of human emotions, history of myths and many more. I'm still trying new styles, forms and subjects. I'm trying to mix different styles that are commonly considered "incompatible" so I rarely work with only one painting at a time, and I hardly have a day without painting something.
I hope you can see something in my art that can attract and inspire you as it does to me.

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