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by Lizy Campbell

Own the Original 24" x 36"
Ships directly from the artist Lizy Campbell
Original Price: $1,200.00
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Year created: 2015
Original Size: 24" x 36"
Original Medium: Acrylic Work
Art Style: Surrealism
Art Subject: Landscapes
Artist comment about this artwork: "Get taken away in this painting Come home to a relaxing view This is my favorite painting because of its size it really feels like you are there watching the sunset and enjoying a fire by the seaThe clouds are so interesting to look at with so much textured feel and depth it is a relaxing lovely paintingMany hours went into this painting to get it just right Reflective sky on the water is just a vivid piece ".
Art by the Artist Lizy Campbell From Oshawa, Canada


Home grown from Ontario Canada, city girl. Just an ordinary girl with a dream and a plan.

Always had a sense of style and clarity looking beyond the city life. As a child, a sponge absorbing the world and all in it, I then became a mother of two.

Through a tragic wake up call that sent me into a tailspin, I realized that life is to short not to want to be all the things you dream of. Because of it I have now decided that nothing is more important then being who you are and loving yourself and all that you do. Discovering things all over through child’s eyes and wonder on my own, I am reborn again and refreshed. Eat breathe sleep art. Kids are inspiring me to discover the new and unchanged part of the creative me now morphing into Lizzywhothefunkc Creations.

Pushing to the limits and thinking outside the boundaries in art. Lost in color , lost in paint, lost in me. No one can tell you not to live a dream no one can tell you to put the paint brush on your self worth down and be some one who reflects only another. Be free, be who you want to be, most of all be happy. I am and never have been more happy then I am right now, in the moment.

Don’t ever let go of what you think will bring out your soul. A fire has been lit within and I will never put it out again. Headphones on world out, this funky lady is Dj for her own life song.

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