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by Gordon Tardio

Own the Original 10" x 13"
Ships directly from the artist Gordon Tardio
Original Price: $90.00
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Year created: 2015
Original Size: 10" x 13"
Original Medium: Acrylic Work
Art Style: Impressionism
Art Subject: Animals
Artist comment about this artwork: "The Siamese fighting fish To me they represent a unique aquatic body language Here I want to capture the movement done with spilt paint in an abstract way The paper I use is a traditional mulberry paper handmade in Thailand Mulberry leaves are used there to feed the silkworm in the silk industry the sticks used to make the paper The resulting paper is a thick parchment like paper strong yet pliable I have the paper made to this size to get the deckled edges which adds to the textural effectInterested to have your idea painted in this style Maybe something from a recent underwater travel scenery your fave pet aquarium or goldfish Contact meTake a glimpse into this artist and how step by step I build my paintings at my building a painting and other albums at the following link httpswwwfacebookcomgordonartist Recent publications Im inHidden Treasure Art eMagazine on FlipSnack Im on p16-17 26httpwwwflipsnackcomF6B6EE5C5A8hidden-treasure-art-emagazine-summer-2015htmlHidden Treasure Art Magazine Yearbook 2015 on FlipSnack Im on p49httpwwwflipsnackcomF6B6EE5C5A8hiddentreasure-art-magazine-yearbook-2015-volume-i-fd1c5z7b5html".
Art by the Artist Gordon Tardio From Johor Bahru, Malaysia

I'm Canadian born, now residing in Malaysia. I've been working professionally as an artist since 1980 ish… time flies.
I have exhibited my paintings in Vancouver and coastal B.C., Bangkok, Singapore & Malaysia, areas I’ve lived in over time. Now I do it all online.
I’ve traveled extensively over the years and you’ll see that people, places and cultures are a recurring theme in my art.
I’m still a passionate guy. I’m passionate about life and people, my home and spouse, cultural travel, orchids, meditation (as an exercise), passionate about art and painting. And I feel really at my best when I’m putting all these things down on paper.
I only wish I had more time to delve into all these activities of mine. But I work with what I have. My health sucks so I’m slowing down.
There's more: book illustration, portrait, comic strip, caricature. I also work with camera and computer, to create the images brush strokes just can't deliver.
So follow my brush work and hopefully you’ll find that special painting meant just for you.
Take a glimpse into this artist, and how step by step I build my paintings in my albums at the following link:

Recent publications I’m in…
Hidden Treasure Art eMagazine on FlipSnack I’m on p.16-17, 26
Hidden Treasure Art Magazine Yearbook 2015 on FlipSnack I’m on p.49

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