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by Geert Lemmers

Own the Original 61.5cm x 91.5cm
Ships directly from the artist Geert Lemmers
Original Price: $1,000.00
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Year created: 2016
Original Size: 61.5cm x 91.5cm
Original Medium: Color Work
Art Style: Abstract Expressionism
Art Subject: World Culture
Artist comment about this artwork: "Lambda C-print behind Acryl glass framed in an aluminium silver or black ARTBOX 60X90 cmThis artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artistReady to hang Outstanding QualityLarger sizes of course are availableThis work from 2016 is part of Geert Lemmers project about the influence of our environment on happiness I think happiness is strongly affected by the direct surroundings and its dcor Probably that is why people spend time and money on setting up and developing their living environment My artwork reflect this phenomenon and emphasizes the importance of planning and designing our environment in a more colorful and playful way".
Art by the Artist Geert Lemmers

I was born in the land of Maas and Waal in the Netherlands, a really mysterious part of the country in where telling stories about whitches and fellowships were normal items. After I graduated my photogaphic art education I worked for magazins making portraits and f.i. fashion photo's. I always wanted to make my own art and after the digital revolution when photoshop came out, I felt comfortable to step in. In 2008 I won the professional artprice in my county and after that I really was succesfull. I no time my work accompanied the work of Corneille, Appel a.s.o. . I am very interested in our people's world and in cultural and sexual diversity. I mostly therefore work in projects and my basic-project is indeed about "the world of people" as a sort of general research. "The world of people is about men and women behind often beautiful looking facades in the middle of the chaotic universe we live in. I research the raw site of our lives represented as fairytales in a wonderland as a enlargement of our life. Enlarged characters in chaos, beauty and imperfection.

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