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by David Abse

Own the Original 71cm x 91cm
Ships directly from the artist David Abse
Original Price: $1,300.00
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Year created: 2016
Original Size: 71cm x 91cm
Original Medium: Mixed Media Work
Art Style: Abstract
Art Subject: Abstract
Artist comment about this artwork: "The French Revolution shaped the country I live in It was inspired by poverty deprivation lack of rights and equality and hope for a new enlightened country and indeed world Yet it degenerated into an orgy of blood and chaos as groups and individuals fought for power Tens of thousands of people died - executed guillotined or killed in pointless civil war".
Art by the Artist David Abse

David Abse was born in December 1958. David studied art and design at the University of Wolverhampton in the early 1980s, and has subsequently exhibited his work throughout the UK (including the Francis Kyle Gallery in London, and the Bradford Biennale) and elsewhere in the world, including France, Japan and Poland. In 2009 David’’s work was featured on BBC TV’s ‘The One Show’.

For many years David worked for various charities and campaigning organisations in the UK, and continues to actively support a number of community and campaigning groups.

David now works full time as a painter and printmaker in the south of France.

1983: Tarmac Prize Prints, Printmaking Open Wolverhampton, UK
1984: Bradford Print Biennale, UK
1985: Kanagawa Print Triennial, Japan
1985: International Print Open, Krakow, Poland
1985: Leigh Gallery, London, UK
2010: Matelles-Art Gallery, France
2011 March: Icosahedron Gallery, New York, USA
2011 April: Le Soleil Bleu Gallery, Lodève, France
2011: May: ‘Animals’ Art Nomade, Gignac, France
2011: May: Pic Saint Loup Festa Trail, St Mathieu, France
2011 June: ‘Boom’: The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK
2011: June/July: ‘Animaux’, Matelles-Art Gallery, France
2011: October: Parallax Art Fair, London

Francis Kyle Gallery, London (1984-1990)

July 2011: L’Artiste Magazine (see

In June 2011 I was feature on London Art as their “artist of the month”

NB: All my work is viewable on my own website at

In addition I have contributed illustrations to numerous publications and publishers over the years including The Jewish Chronicle, Poetry Wales Press, The Thin Blue Line, the Robson Press, Hutchinson, the Felix Gluck Press and others.

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