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by Ivan Grozdanovski

Own the Original 50cm x 70cm
Ships directly from the artist Ivan Grozdanovski
Original Price: $750.00
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Year created: 2016
Original Size: 50cm x 70cm
Original Medium: Mixed Media Work
Art Style: Abstract
Art Subject: Abstract
Artist comment about this artwork: "Broken hearts the name itself speaks about the completion of the love".
Art by the Artist Ivan Grozdanovski From Sid, Croatia

Autodidact, born 08.12.1978 year. Vrsac.
His first solo exhibition I had in years 1997 Sid, and I'm a regular participant in various local exhibitions in Serbia and abroad, both domestic and international character that I've been awarded several times, the last blurb from the gallery Lazar Vozarević from a S.Mitrovica, last exposure to (Palace of Galia, Gravedona (Como lake)) in Italy.Self exhibited in the gallery Bogić- Belgrade and Maribor, in the premises of the wine cellar "Vinag 1847" -Slovenia. American Art Awards(2014), 2nd place in the category of nudes etc.I am a member of art associations "Sava Šumanović" in Sid. ,"Široka Staza " in Belgrade,Association lovers art Brcko District (BiH) Association ULDU TALIA (Brčko BiH) LIKUM (Brčko distrikt BiH).My works are in many private collections around the world (Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, France, Japan, Greece, Germany England, Russia, Canada , the United States, Australia,. Since motifs are the most represented: landscapes, still life, science fiction, passers (walkers), nudes etc.. Use a variety of painting techniques and the most notable were: watercolor, pastel, acrylic and oil. As an artist in the soul, I bring my personal experience of nature and emotions that arise every day. As a painter of light, which is always trying to fit into his life and the nature that surrounds us.................e-mail>[email protected]

I live and work in Šid. / Serbia

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