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by Geert Lemmers

Own the Original 70cm x 90cm
Ships directly from the artist Geert Lemmers
Original Price: $1,000.00
Own a Fine Art Reproduction
High Quality Print on CanvasUsually ships in 3-5 business days
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Year created: 2016
Original Size: 70cm x 90cm
Original Medium: Black / White Work
Art Style: Abstract Expressionism
Art Subject: Abstract
Artist comment about this artwork: "Hereby I sell quality prints of my sold paintings as Lambda prints on metallic paper on Dibond behind acryl glass 90X70 cmReady to hangPainting for me is like playing as a child and being happy with the outcome of the process Getting the final painting is not an easy process sometimes I get the endresult in one day but more often I am not happy with the result then it can cost me days before I am happy with itIt is very interesting to understand why this kind of artwork is ready or not For me it is ready when I am feeling inclosed in the work The artwork than lives his own life but I am on speaking terms with it".
Art by the Artist Geert Lemmers

I was born in the land of Maas and Waal in the Netherlands, a really mysterious part of the country in where telling stories about whitches and fellowships were normal items. After I graduated my photogaphic art education I worked for magazins making portraits and f.i. fashion photo's. I always wanted to make my own art and after the digital revolution when photoshop came out, I felt comfortable to step in. In 2008 I won the professional artprice in my county and after that I really was succesfull. I no time my work accompanied the work of Corneille, Appel a.s.o. . I am very interested in our people's world and in cultural and sexual diversity. I mostly therefore work in projects and my basic-project is indeed about "the world of people" as a sort of general research. "The world of people is about men and women behind often beautiful looking facades in the middle of the chaotic universe we live in. I research the raw site of our lives represented as fairytales in a wonderland as a enlargement of our life. Enlarged characters in chaos, beauty and imperfection.

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