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by Aldehy Ph

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Year created: 2011
Original Size: 20" x 16"
Original Medium: Acrylic Work
Art Style: Southwestern
Art Subject: Landscapes
Artist comment about this artwork: "acrilic paint on wood146 x97 cm2010".
Art by the Artist Aldehy Ph From Le Creusot, Finland


Born on 30 January 1956 in Châtellerault - France.
Workshop : 8, Allée du Parc 71200 - Le Creusot - France -

Web gallery :
E-mail : [email protected]

First of all figurative, Aldéhy is an advocate of light that winks at Philippe de Champaigne.
Subjects are numerous and eclectic but this obvious diversity is complementary. The drawing is well built and detailed.
We discover an exceptional set of portraits " Cathedrals of Lights" fourteen moments of a child's day. With particular acuity, the artist captures the fleeting time of life.
With an asserted technique, the artist delivers an artificial lighting, sometimes violent that stops motions. The intimacy is captured in full intensity, translating an emotion or a smile.
Aldéhy knows how to give value to the expression, by plunging a part of the canvas into a light/dark contrast.
Master of lights with a bright painting, with delicacy in the tinge, subtle games of reflection, the artist reveals the illusion in the prospective space.
From his meetings with his favourite patterns, the painter offers us as many images distinguished by a seal of a soften realism but through an objective look.
If the enthusiasm does not always appear in the compositions, this is the first emotion that succeeds to the long term thought, an interrogation on the subject, that he wants to restore the truth until lingering to define a graduated tinge of outlines of a well-known face.
An accurate drawing raised with authority, the narrative force.
With a huge palette and a rigorous application nothing gets away from the shrewd observation.
Most of the time the artist uses acrylic but sometimes gets oil and pencil ...
Strangely, the artist is not locked up in a unique design of expression, to be convinced you just have to come back to his abstract work in the eighties.

Privileging his emotions to the fashion effects, Aldéhy is a free man.
Bright painting, tinted with humour and tenderness, rings out restrained sensitiveness accent.

with a brilliant technique skill, the work of Aldéhy should attract collectors' attention without delay, that could hold the eyes' pleasure and rising value.

J.Saint Aubin.


1975 : Settling in South Pacific ( Port-Vila in the New Hebrides )..

1976 : Journey to Australia - Meeting with Australian artists in Sydney.

75-77 : Studying and self-taught learning of painting.

1977 : Entrance to Toulouse Art School.

1978 : Journey to San Francisco - Visits in artists'studios.

1979 : - First French-Australian "Arstistic Meeting" exhibition.
- Graduation in Toulouse Art school.
- First personal exhibition in Port-Vila.

1980 : Withdrawal from the world in a forest house with Alexandre Yterce to work on a musical, painting and writing project.

1981 : Touring in France, Spain and Portugal to present works in the streets.

1981 : One-way journey to Tokyo (Japan) for a pictorial and musical renewal.

 1982 : Personal exhibition in Port-Vila's cultural centre.

1983 : Personal exhibition in Port-Vila's French Embassy.

84-87 : Annual exhibitions at " Le Grand Palais " (Paris) in the French Artists' room.

87-90 : Numerous personal and group exhibitions in Burgundy ( Blanzy, Beaune, Montceau ).

1990 : - Exhibition in Sainte-Marie Chapel in Nevers and educational animation for children from the leisure centre and " Albert Camus " primary school. Realization of a 100 m ( metre ) fresco on the pavement.
- Exhibition and creation studio in a nursery school in blanzy.
- Partnership with teenagers from the leisure centre to realize a fresco on the walls and ceiling of an underground pedestrian crossing in Blanzy.
- Exhibitions in Chalon-sur-Saône and Gueugnon with the " Arts et Artisanats en Bourgogne " association ( The Arts and Crafts in Burgundy association ).

1991 : - Exhibition in Washington D.C. ,USA, as part of the promotion of the French Artistic Heritage.
Exhibition in the Art Gallery in " La Verrerie " castle in Le Creusot.

1992 : - Exhibition in Germany, in partnership with Le Creusot Fine Arts Society, as part of a town-twinning.
- Design and realization, with pupils from The secondary school in St Germain, of 500 square metres of stage setting for a five-act opera : " Les enfants de la terre " (= " The children of Earth ") by Bernard Lienhardt.

92-93 : Work in partnership with SNECMA aeronautial company for the realization of a collection of 30 paintings on " Arts and Architecture ".

1993 : Touring exhibition of the collection on 5 industrial sites in and around Paris.

93-94 : Realization of a collection of paintings on : " going through Le Creusot on the North-South road ".

1994 : - Exhibition of the complete works at L.A.R.C. ( National Stage in Le Creusot )
- Meeting and discussing with students.

1995 : Numerous journeys to Marseille, to the " Friche Belle de Mai " in the Asterides Studios. Friendship with Gilles Barbier.

1995 : Exhibition in the Art Gallery in " La Verrerie " castle in Le Creusot : " Faces, bodies and souls - Diversions ".

1997 : - Removal of the studio into a classroom in the "Centre " secondary school as " artist in residence " ( April- May- June )
- Realization of stage setting for the school drama club.

1998 : -Removal of the studio into the activity-room of " Le Canada "( old people's home) in Le Creusot. Realization of two paintings ( 22 square metres ) as " artist in residence "

1998 : - Exhibition in the art gallery in " La Verrerie " castle in Le Creusot : " Le Creusot, South Pacific : Interférence " work composed of 90 square metres of painting on synthetic canvas covers, designed and arranged to place the visitor in front of the painting and inside it at the same time. Layout with mirror, tropical vegetation and soundtrack ( music specifically composed on record ). Meeting and discussion with 19 classes from nursery school to high school.

1998 : Setting up as background on the stage of Le Creusot blues festival.

1999 : Realization of the portrait of " Théodore Monod " : commission from the technical high school in Blanzy. Exhibition in the school workrooms ( open day )

1999 : Exhibition in " Saint Nicolas " Tower in Paray Le Monial.

99-01 : Working on " 2001, Species Odyssey " project, with students from the "Astier " technical high school  in Paray Le Monial and the C.U.C.M.

2000 : Meetings with Christian Bobin.

2001 : Exhibition in " Les Epontots " secondary school in Montcenis as part of the open days.

2001 : Meeting with Marie-Claude Busso to link pictorial work with literature. Working on an Art book.

2002 : Simultaneous double exhibition of - 2001, Species Odyssey- June 7th to 23rd
- sketches and drawings on paper at L.A.R.C.( National Stage ).
- paintings on wood on the Art Gallery in a « Verrerie castle » in Le Creusot.

2004 : Project : Cathedrals of lights,

2005 : April : Exhibition at the "Harmonia Mundi" gallery in Chalon sur Saône.

2005 : May : Educational animation for children of "Les Sables" nursery school in Paray le Monial.

2006 : April : Exhibition at the "Harmonia Mundi" gallery in Chalon sur Saône

2008 : - Exhibition in the art gallery in " La Verrerie " castle in Le Creusot :
" ln search of Paradise".

2009 - 2012 : Permanent exhibition to the gallery  " Espace Art Gallery "  Bruxelles - Belgique.

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