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by Michel Luc Bellemare

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Year created: 2009
Original Size: 20" x 16"
Original Medium: Oil Work
Art Style: Abstract
Art Subject: Abstract
Artist comment about this artwork: "a color-realism painting done by national gallery of canada artist michel luc bellemare".
Art by the Artist Michel Luc Bellemare

Ottawa, Ontario
K1T 4J4

Home Phone #: (613)-212-5228
Cell Phone #: (613)-296-6914

e-mail: [email protected]


Metis Aboriginal.

Educational Experience:

Doctor of Philosophy, Hill University (U.S.A.), Visual Arts (2010).
Master of Arts, Carleton University, Communication (2001).
Bachelor of Arts, Honors, Trent University, Cultural Studies (2000).
Assessment Certificate, University of British Columbia, (1997).
Diploma, Loyalist College, Assessment and Appraisal, (1997).

Studio Apprenticeship:

A summer semester studio apprenticeship in 1999 with American Realist painter David Bierk in Peterborough Ontario.

University Teaching Experience:

Lecturer/Professor – Carleton University (2003-2004) Taught a fourth year level undergraduate course titled Art Language and Communication and at the undergraduate level for 2 years.

Teaching Assistant- Mass Communication – Carleton University (2002-2003) T.A. in Communication History, Political Economy, Philosophy and Cultural Studies to undergraduate students. Coordinator, director and lecturer of Seminar Courses.

Research Assistant Cultural-Studies Trent University (1999-2000) Conducted research for concerning avant-garde art movements in the 20th.


A member of the Artist of Eastern Ontario Association (AEO), Ottawa.
A member of a non-profit artist-run organization gallery, Gallery 101, Ottawa.

Grant Accomplishments:

The recipient of 3 Ontario Grants Scholarship (OGS) worth 45 thousand (2002-2003-2004).

Artist Statement:

What is abstraction? Abstraction is a thinking and/or a pushing of reality to the Nth degree, where all figuration and concepts become indistinct, blurred, mosaic in nature. Pure abstraction is where all differentiations cease and a totality of colors, i.e. a gray area and/or mosaic, is created capable of multiple meanings and interpretations. This is the essence of pure abstraction painting. The mission, I’ve set out through abstraction is to influence the way people see and think about art and what abstract art consists of. This is a matter of artistic reconfiguration. Through, my artistic practice, i.e. the medium of oil painting, I am reconfiguring the dominant ideas on abstraction, that is the traditional ideas on pure abstraction painting, specifically non-objectivity. An initial breakthrough occurred in 2009 with the publication of my book: Color-Realism, acquired by the National Gallery of Canada for its library. The book’s main thesis is that color is as real as reality gets. Color is the basic language upon which all other languages develop. And it is through pure abstraction painting that this fundamental language of color is put into motion and communicated, as the basic concern in pure abstraction painting is total abstraction, color and how color communicates and is effective at doing things with, both psychologically and physically. Without color there is no form, no concepts or senses as it is color, i.e. the division between colors, that allows basic concepts to develop. For example, one cannot think of a square without color, it is impossible to think of a color-less square, what this means is that color is a precondition to our ability as humans’ to think, our basic concepts of the world around us are based on color, i.e. the divisions of color. And pure abstraction painting reminds us of this fact. Contrary to traditional notions, pure abstraction is about objectivity and not as has been historically stated non-objectivity because pure abstraction is about the factual conditions of basic conceptual thinking, the factual limits of painting, communication and about the factual essence of reality, which is at its base level pure abstraction. Everything is abstract, conceptual to the end; reality, materiality, is but variations in degrees of abstraction founded on the concept of color, hence why I label my artistic style “color-realism” as color is as real as reality gets. In sum, my artistic practice aims to revolutionize the way people see, think and relate to modern abstract painting and the concept of color.
Artistic Style:

My style is a supra-impasto technique in the form of thickly applied paint, the likes of which are totally new. Tom Thomson, Jean-Paul Riopelle and Vincent Van Gogh were all considered impastoist but they never extended the technique. I have expanded on this method of painting and brought it to extreme, where paint is applied so thick on the canvas that it protrudes and swells the canvas surface towards a 3 dimensional abstract image. If abstract art to date is about creating a flat surface without perspective or image, my artwork denies the flat surface of past pure abstraction painting. I deny the flat two-dimensional surface in favor of a rough undulating abstractive surface. My pure abstraction paintings expand outwards from the canvas manifesting a different type of abstraction, a highly textual 3-dimensional pure form of abstraction painting that has never been attempted before in the history of modern painting.
In addition, I utilize a new type of brush stroke that I have come to call the bee sting brushstroke, where paint is applied so thick that it forms a stinger that extends from the canvas surface akin to the stinger of a bumble bee, where the paint appears in a point-like fashion. Moreover, via an added layer of iridescent glitter my paintings radiate, and this added dimension gives my paintings multi-dimensional movement in the sense that as the viewer walks around the painting the colors of the picture actually change, change the lighting and so does the colors of the picture. In this regard, I have moved painting from a static image to that of a dynamic image, which is a first for modern art. With the techniques of color-realism the abstract image is now dynamic and multi-dimensional, rather than static and two-dimensional as previous art has been. Former artists have alluded to the multi-dimensional quality of color and pigment but this was not realized until now; consequently I believe my art-form to be historically important to modern contemporary art.

Solo Exhibitions:

December-January 2011-2012. Show Title: “Clairvoyance”, Starbucks Café and Gallery, Ottawa. (Solo).

August-October, 2011. Show Title: “Hello, how are you?” Roast N’ Brew Café and Gallery, Ottawa. Curator: Jihad
Harb. (Solo).

April-August, 2011. Show title: “Color and Reality”. Star-Bucks Inc. Commission, Ottawa. This was part of a
series of solo exhibitions at Star-Bucks in Ottawa in 2011. Star-Bucks Committee Evaluation. (Solo).

March, 2011. Show title: “Big Trouble in Little China”. Raw Sugar Café and Gallery. Ottawa. Curator: Nadia
kharyati. (Solo).

Sept., 2010. Show title: “Pixie Dust”. Orange Gallery, Ottawa, Curator: Ingrid Hollander. (Solo).

July, 2010. Show Title: “Color and Reality”. The Snapdragon Gallery, Ottawa. Curator: Richard Bannister. (Solo).

October, 2001. Show Title: “Color and Form”. Neo-Pop Gallery. Aesthetic Factory, London, England. (Solo).

June, 2000. Show Title: “Clairevoyance”. Show Gallery, Queen Street West, Toronto. Curator: David Sims. (Solo).

April, 1999. Show Title: “Dripping Color”. Art-Scape Gallery, Peterborough. (1999). (Solo).

Artist-Run-Centers Exhibition:

November, (1997). Show Title: “Autumn Colors”. Arts Umbrella Public Gallery, Peterborough. Curator: David Bierk. (Solo).

February, (1997). Show Title: “Spray-Paint and Neo-Expressionism”. Arts Umbrella Public Gallery, Peterborough On. (Solo).

Group Expositions:

July and August, 2011. Show Title: “Heat of the Moment”. Tay Gallery, Kanata. Curator: Lisa Brown. (Group).

February, 2011. Show Title: “Call Me Romantic”. Tay Gallery, Kanata. Curator: Lisa Brown. (Group).

November, 2010. Show Title: “Carleton University Art Gallery Biennale”. Carleton University Art Gallery, Ottawa. Curator: Wendy Moire. (Group).

April-June, 2011. Show Title: “Abstract Art”. Snapdragon Gallery, Ottawa. Curator: Richard Banister, (Group).

Solo Exhibition of Single Artefacts:

“Dream-Catcher-II”, National Arts Center, (2011), (October 31th to November 6th).

The Museum of Civilization, (2009-2010), (December 28th to March 4th), showed the work, “Nuclear White”.

The National Gallery of Canada, (2008), (January 3rd to January 17th), showed the work, “Infra-Red”.

The National Gallery of Canada, (2002), (October 31th to November 8th), showed the work, “F-5 Micro Cooling System”.

Critical Reviews:

Art Gallery of Ontario Artist Michel Luc Bellemare and Color-Realism, Ausfluge Presse News (Germany), By The A.G.O., (2012).

The Artful Dodger (Retraction), briefingwire, by The Ottawa Citizen, (2012).

On the Relation of Philosophy and Art (Talking with N.G.C. artist Michel Luc Bellemare), briefingwire, by The Art Gallery of Ontario, (2012).

Glitter, Colours and Emotions, Ottawa This Week, By Jessica Cunhan (August 2011).

Jewelry for your walls , The Ottawa Citizen, The Wrap. (August 2011).

Glittering Virtuoso:,, by The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), (2011).

Supra-Impasto: (The art of Michel Luc Bellemare),, by The AGO, (2011).

Michel Luc Bellemare’s Practical Philosophy: (Color-Realism and Abstract Art), Unfolding Magazine, Article, by Mike Leving, (2011).

The Future of Art, The Future of Abstract Art: (A look at Michel Luc Bellemare), American Communication Association, By The Museum of Modern Art, 2010.

A 21st Century Picasso: (The ideas and art of Michel Luc Bellemare),, By: Art in America, (2011).

“What is abstraction? What is abstraction art?: (The ideas of professional abstract artist Michel Luc Bellemare),, By Art In America, (2011).

The Power of Abstraction: (Abstractionism versus Landscape-Realism, an in-depth look at the ideas of Michel Luc Bellemare),, (2011).

Color-Realism: (The Essence of Color and Reality),, Blacksatin Publications, (2010).

The Primary Principles of Color-Realism (Talking with Michel Luc Bellemare), briefingwire, by The Art Gallery of Ontario, (2010).

Television and Radio Appearances:

Babillard, Television Rogers, (French), Channel 23, June 2010, “Couleur et Realité”.
Daytime Ottawa Talk Show, Television Rogers, (English), Channel 22, July 2010.
Babillard, Television Rogers, (French), Channel 23, September 2010, “La Pourdre de Pixie”.
CBC Radio One, “In Town and Out”, 91.5 fm, Interview on Modern Art.
Babillard, Television Rogers (French), Channel 23, November 2010, Abstraction.
CBC Radio One, “All in A Day with Allan Neal” 91.5, Interview on an art exhibit Big Trouble in Little China (2011).

Visual Essays:

What is Art? (A Critique of Pop-Art/Post-Modern Art as Kitsch). link: http://whatisart/michellucbellemare/

Book Publications:

Bellemare, Michel-Luc. (2009). Color-Realism: (The Essence of Color and Reality). Blacksatin Publications. National Gallery of Canada.

Bellemare, Michel-Luc. (2006). Nomologism: (Post-Post-Modernism) Blacksatin Publications. National Library of Canada.

Bellemare, Michel-Luc. (2005). [=], (The Machine). Blacksatin Publications. National Library of Canada.

Public Collections With My Artwork:

“The essence of Atheism”, Tate Modern Gallery, London, England, (2012).

“Cupcake”, The Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg (2011).

“Dream-Catcher-II”, National Arts Center, Ottawa, (2011).

“Dream-Catcher”, The Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, (2011).

“Nuclear White”, Museum of Civilization, Gatineau, (2009).

Color-Realism: (The Essence of Color and Reality), The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, (2009).

“Infra-Red”, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, (2008).

“F-5 Micro Cooling System”, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, (2002).


Rothwell Gallery, Ottawa.
Canal Gallery, Merrickville.
Snapdragon Gallery Ottawa.
Trent University, Peterborough.
The National Library of Canada.
The National Gallery of Canada.
Art gallery of Ontario.

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