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by Jessica Streeter

Own the Original 20" x 16"
Ships directly from the artist Jessica Streeter
Original Price: $325.00
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Year created: 2012
Original Size: 20" x 16"
Original Medium: Color Work
Art Style: Photorealism
Art Subject: Still Life
Artist comment about this artwork: "On a warm spring day in late March Jessica noticed the riots of violets in her parents backyard They never made much of a big deal in keeping the violets contained so the little purple and white flowers are found everywhere in gorgeous mounds This particular shot is from back by her mothers garden near the garage".
Art by the Artist Jessica Streeter From Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

Born and raised amongst the natural scenery of Michigan, Jessica Streeter grew up to appreciate the beauty in everything about her. In her early 20's, she traded Michigan's beaches for Colorado's mountains, and kept her awe and wonder of the world around her. Her awe and wonder, however, did not pay the bills very well, so when the job market collapsed a few short years later, she found herself having to leave the scenery she'd grown to love and head on back to Michigan, where she resides today.

She's never had a class about photography, and the closest she ever got to an art class was one in high school that she transferred out of after a couple weeks. Despite her lack of formal training, she has been playing with still and video cameras since she was a child. While her technique may be rough, she is always seeking to improve her skills so as to better express her love and vision of the world around her.

In her spare time, she helps takes care of a swarm of cats, continues working on her unfinished epic of a novel, makes jewelry with her mother, bakes with her father, and contemplates other artistic endeavors to be explored.

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