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by Jeffrey Pierson

Own the Original 30" x 42"
Ships directly from the artist Jeffrey Pierson
Original Price: $700.00
To buy the original from the artist contact the artist directly
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Year created: 2006
Original Size: 30" x 42"
Original Medium: Mixed Media Work
Art Style: Other
Art Subject: People
Artist comment about this artwork: "Bombarded by other peoples philosophical and religious views the young intellect begins to formulate questions and begins the journey of a seeker Now transported forward look back in awe at the variable soup made of this and that ".
Art by the Artist Jeffrey Pierson From Wichita, United States

I was born in 1974 in Newton New Jersey in the same hospital as my father and in the same town as my grandfather.

Some of my earliest memories are of drawing at the kitchen table trying to make my ideas concrete.

My work reflects my dreams, memories, and the world as I perceive it. It is my great hope and intention that my imagery be a catalyst, sparking the synapses in an unlit mind. Breaking the bonds of mental lethargy, and inspiring the viewer to see, to think, to feel.

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