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by Carol Reesor

Own the Original 20" x 16"
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Year created: 2010
Original Size: 20" x 16"
Original Medium: Watercolor Work
Art Style: Realism-Representational
Art Subject: Landscapes
Description for this art was not written... =(
Art by the Artist Carol Reesor From Buffalo, Kentucky, United States

Carol Reesor

Early morning or late evening light flowing across the landscape, producing long dancing shadows, or sunlight streaming through a window on a still life arrangement, inspires award-winning artist, Carol Reesor, to paint the unfolding scene in oils or watercolors.

Carol's rural Kentucky studio provides a comfortable and fitting backdrop for her characteristically peaceful landscapes and engaging still-life compositions. Because it's important to Carol to capture a subject's essence, along with the natural effects of color and light, much of her landscapes are created on location or done from field studies. As a result, her work reveals an unpretentious truth that allows the viewer a sense of belonging to the scene and owning that moment in time.

An undeniable natural ability, years of developing and honing her skills, plus a passion for painting have all contributed to Carol's well-developed style and notable success with her work. Watching an older sister sketch horses early in life sparked Carol's early interest and curiosity in developing her talent. A natural progression ensued. Drawing developed into oil painting and then watercolors. Over the past decade Carol has studied oil and watercolor techniques with several nationally known artist, including Robert Hoffman, Gerald Brommer, Dean Davis, Cheng Khee Chee, Joseph Fettingis, and Charles Gruppe.

Her primary areas of interest are landscape and still life paintings, done in oil or watercolor. To capture a subject's essence along with the true effects of color and light, much of her landscapes are done on location and her still life paintings are painted from life. Carol brings an element of truth to her work without being dramatic, and provides the viewer with a sense of being there.

"I have always bee fascinated by the way light and shadow reveal an shape and changes its color." Painting on location enhances this sense of light in Carol's paintings. "When the light is right, almost any subject, no matter how ordinary or mundane can be transformed into something extraordinary, visually exciting, personally moving! This is what inspires me to paint," says the artist
Since joining the Central Kentucky Art Guild in 1995, Carol has served as President, chaired many committees and was CKAG's Artist of the Year in 2000. She has many paintings in private collections and has participated in juried and small group shows, winning several awards.


1994 - 1st Place Lincoln Days Art Exhibition Open Division
1996 - Honorable Mention CKAG All-Member Show
1998 - 3rd Place CKAG All-Member Show
2000 - 3rd Place CKAG All- Member Show
2000 - Honorable Mention Kentucky State Fair
2000 - 2nd Place Lincoln Days Art Exhibition Open Division
2001 - Honorable Mention Kentucky State Fair
2002 - Honorable Mention Kentucky State Fair

Juried Exhibitions:

1995 - CKAG Images of Kentucky Fine Art Exhibition
1997 - CKAG National Fine Art Exhibition
1999 - CKAG National Fine Art Exhibition
2000 - AmSouth Duncan Hines Festival Art Exhibition 2000
2000 - CKAG National Fine Art Exhibition
2001 - CKAG National Fine Art Exhibition

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