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by Ian Spencer

Own the Original 20" x 16"
Ships directly from the artist Ian Spencer
Original Price: $325.00
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Year created: 2012
Original Size: 20" x 16"
Original Medium: Digital Work
Art Style: Fantasy
Art Subject: Fantasy
Artist comment about this artwork: "Visions of a Mystical World - Tree SpiritsThe Spirit of Nature a divine gift of beauty and healing powerThe Tree Spirits speak to us of their great wisdom and show us the path to inner peace in their presence Step into their embrace and feel aware of the beauty and healing power of their life-force".
Art by the Artist Ian Spencer From Truro, Ukraine

I had always felt the urge to be more creative but it wasn't until the early 1980's that I found an outlet for it - photography. My father had been a passionate photographer in his early years and in the years leading up to the 80's I had always admired his black and white images. This is where the "bug" bit - I wanted to create my own photos.

So in the early 80's he gave me his old SLR camera and I started snapping away. Black and white was the only medium I wanted to use and I wanted to process it myself. I soon set up a temporary darkroom, equipped myself with basic kit and away I went. I couldn't stop - I was spellbound at the limitless possibilities!

And so it continued until around 2000 when life changes forced me to put it all on hold.It was during these changes that I somehow found myself becoming more spiritual in my outlook on life and quickly embraced an alternative viewpoint on life through mind,body,spirit and holistic interests.So much so that in 2004 I enrolled on a Reiki Healing course as I felt that was the path I wanted to take professionally.

Then in 2010 I was made redundant from my full-time job(and being the biggest life change of all)I decided that it was the push I needed to develop my creativity further and do what I really wanted in life! After much deliberation (and after hearing one night an other-wordly voice telling me to "prepare")I set about deciding what it was I would do. And then it struck me - why don't I resurrect what I thought was my long-extinct passion for photography and combine it with my spiritual interests?

Well, I did prepare and knowing that I had to embrace the world of digital I threw myself into it. I still believe there is a place for film-based processes and it is my ambition to go back to using that medium as a worthy companion to digital. I just need the space!

So in September 2011 "PositiveLife Images" was born and the rest they say is history!

I live in magical Cornwall,UK,a land of inspiration!

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