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by Sheryl Unwin

Own the Original 20" x 16"
Ships directly from the artist Sheryl Unwin
Original Price: $450.00
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Year created: 2012
Original Size: 20" x 16"
Original Medium: Other Work
Art Style: Photorealism
Art Subject: Animals
Artist comment about this artwork: "This Beautiful Majestic Siberian Tiger is created on Ampersand Black Clayboard I am very passionate about wildlife and showing the beauty of the creatures that we have been blessed to have in this world it is matted but not framed".
Art by the Artist Sheryl Unwin From North Port, United States

Sheryl Unwin, award winning artist, is originally from Massachusetts and grew up in a beautiful town 30 miles north of Boston, now living in North Port, Florida. Her interest in the arts started at a very young age, by the time she was 13 and a freshman at Billerica Memorial High School she decided that being an artist was to be her career of choice. She had some wonderful mentors while in High School who have always encouraged her creative side and during her senior year she was voted most artistic. Sheryl has been Illustrating portraits of various subjects for well over 30 years.

Sheryl attended the Art Institute of Boston in 1984 through 1986. She studied Illustration with a minor in Graphic Design, hoping to become a successful Magazine Illustrator but with only attending school for fewer then two years as a young adult, a majority of her skills as an artist has been self taught whether it be working with color and graphite pencils, to using design programs such as Corel Draw and Adobe products. This in turn took her down the road of printing and mechanical drawing for a while. She worked at various printing companies from 1984 to 1997 and her path as an artist seemed to change to graphic design, that has never stopped her passion to draw and illustrate the subjects that she loves to concentrate on most which are people, wildlife and pets.

In 1997 with the help of AOL Sheryl met and married the most wonderful man in the world. She moved to Gosport England in 1997 and lived there for eight fantastic years. She loved the vast amount of culture, arts, nature, and the fabulous countryside of Great Britian. Gosport is a great town with a tremendous amount of Naval history which she found very fascinating. Sheryl exhibited her art work for an exhibition about the new millenium and the concerns we as people may have for the future. Then in 2005 they began their new journey and life in the US,and have been enjoying the beauty of Florida living, culture, wildlife and fabulous scenery that only the Gulf Coast of Florida can give to you each and every day.

Today Sheryl's passion for animals and nature has taken her to create color and graphite pencil drawings of some of her most favorite subjects. She will draw from the largest of wildlife creatures to the smallest of domestic pets. This has become her passion and interest of choice but she continues to enjoy drawing Portraits of people as well.

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