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by Carlos Pascual

Own the Original 20" x 16"
Ships directly from the artist Carlos Pascual
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Year created: 2011
Original Size: 20" x 16"
Original Medium: Pencil Work
Art Style: Realism-Representational
Art Subject: Animals
Description for this art was not written... =(
Art by the Artist Carlos Pascual

Wildlife Artist
Medium: Colored pencils

I was born in the city of La Falda
a pristine area in the state of Córdoba
in central Argentina.
I graduate with a National Bachelor de
gree from the National School of Tea -
chers "República del Perú" of Córdoba.
In 1980, I graduate from the School
of Arts "Lino E.Spilimbergo", with a de
gree in Graphic Design..
In 1985, I began using colored pencils
to create my art and to achieve a uni-
que realism.
My belief is that my artwork contribu
tes to the education of people and to
the awareness of what is happening in
our environment and our world. I belie
ve that we can live in harmony with the
environment and with the people who po
pulate our global community. My desire
is to have people see the world's natu-
ral wonders today, so we may see them
Additionally, I want to express my deep
respect to my family.
Their knowledge,their enthusiasm, their
love of the environment, and their res-
pect for others has guide me well in life.

1996:Nuevo Horizonte school at Villa
1997:ATC Cultura at Lasalle school.
1997:Pacifico Galleries
2000:Stanford school,Hockenssin,DE
2001:Siloam Ministries.Circle of Life
Philadelphia. Trustees of Arden, Ar-
den,PA. Latin American Community -
Center, Wilmington,DE. Art teacher.
Thinking Outside the Box,Middletown
2002 to present: Taller Puertorrique
ño, Art teacher and Coordinator.PA
Julia de Burgos: Art and Ceramics -
teacher.PA. Congreso: Art teacher.PA
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Big Pictu
re Alliance and Taller Puertorriqueño:
Youth Filmn Program: Mentor and Art
teacher,Philadelphia, 2002 to present.
2009:Nueva Esperanza charter school,
colored pencils,residency.Philadelphia
2010:Raices Culturales residency at -
Powell Elementary school,Philadelphia

1993: De Pura Raza ( Cablevision).Arg.
Teledifusora del Valle de Punilla. Arg.
Canal 4 La Falda, Argentina.
1994: Pacto Ecológico, Argentina.
1995: Manos a la Obra, Argentina
1996: TN Ecologia, Argentina
1997: Arte Magazine,Argentina
2001: City County, Wilmington
2009: Talentos at Univision channel,

1995: 91.1 FM Nuevo Tiempo
1997: 98.7 FM Alfredo Zanella program.

1992: Finalist at The Trilogy Art contest.
1993: 3rd.prize- Drawing category at The
Giamma Cultural Center. Buenos Aires
1995: 2nd.prize at the Carlos Morel salon
of Newman Arts. 1st.prize Drawing and -
Painting category at Corfodelta salon.Bs As
Honored at 4th.annual event: Small format
Encuentrarte salon. Buenos Aires.
1996: Honored at 3rd.annual encounter of
painters at Bollini Gallery.Buenos Aires.
Honored at 1st.annual salon of Animal Por-
trait in Tha Yuko Mishima Cultural Center.
Buenos Aires. 1st.priza at Natural Life at-
the Dimension Art Center. Buenos Aires.
1997: Honored at Casa de La Rioja compe-
tition.Buenos Aires. Minister of Education
selected four paintings to use as ilustra-
tions in Elementary Shool books. Bs. AS.
2000: 1st.prize Philadelphia Salem Orb-e
Emerging Artist Program.
The Stock Ilustration Source # 8.New York
2001: 3rd Drawings and Graphics category
Honored mention at 13th Annual Lansdale -
festival of arts,PA. Honored at The Sketch
Club, Philadelphia.
2002: Honored at The Sketch Club: Work-
on Paper, Philadelphia.

1998: Studio Art Gallery-Rehoboth Beach, DE

1999: Endangered Planet-Blue Moon-Rehoboth
Beach. The Rehoboth Art League Outdoor show

2000: Wildlife in colored pencils at Blue
Moon, Rehoboth Beach.Elmwood Park Zoo,
Norristown,PA. Borders Book Store, Wil
-mington, DE.Kenneth Square Gallery, PA.
The Rehoboth Art League Outdoors show.
Headhouse Square Fine Arts and Crafts
show, Philadelphia. 12 th Annual Lansdale
festival of Arts,PA. Latin colors show, Pe-
ninsula Gallery, Lewes, DE.

2001: Blue Moon, Rehoboth Beach.
Trustees of Arden Show, Arden, DE.Yellow
Springs Arts Show, Chester Spring, PA.
Headhouse Square Fine Arts and Crafts -
show, Philadelphia.10th Annual Festival of
Art and Music, Medfort, NJ. City County-
Building lobby, Wilmington, DE. The Reho-
both Art League 28th Outdoors Show.
13th Annual Lansdale Festival of Arts.
8th Annual Outdoors Arts and Crafts Fes-
tival, Neww Hope, PA. Kenneth Square Ga
llery, PA. Old Pine Community center,Phi-
ladelphia. Barnes & Noble booksellers, Wil

2002: Blue Moon, Rehoboth Beach. Yellow
Springs Art Show, Chester Spring, PA.
Espuma Restaurant, Rehoboth Beach. The
Rehoboth Art League 29th Outdoors show.
14th Annual Lansdale Festival of Arts, PA.

2003: Blue Moon, Rehoboth Beach, DE
The Rehoboth Art League 30th Outdoors
show. The Open Studios Tours. Fleisher -
Memorial, Philadelphia. Gallery of Taller
Puertorriqueño, Philadelphia.

2004: Blue Moon, Rehoboth Beach.
2006: Noches de Arte: Raices Culturales.

2006: Sud Cafe, restaurant. The School District of Philadelphia. Citybank,
Wilmington, DE.

2007: The Philadelphia Foundation. Vere -
da Cultural. Schmucker Art Gallery,
Gettysburg, PA. The School District of Phi
ladelphia. Newspaper Al Dia, Two Pen Cen-
ter, Philadelphia. Art Expo: 11/9/10 and 12

2008: Empowering Latino Artists for the future. Cash for the poors.
Special emphasis programs arts exhibition,
Beltsville, Maryland. The School District of
Philadelphia celebriting of Hispanic Herita-
ge month. Sketch Club: Latino Artists in Philadelphia. City Hall: Green Exhibition, -

2009: Rehoboth Art League 36th.Outdoor
Art show. Nueva Esperanza Charter school

2010: Rehoboth Art League 37th.Outdoor
Art show. Fine Outdoor Art show Ritten -
house Square. Raices Culturales.


1991: Through the Valle de Punilla Regional Council of Culture in the cities: Villa Carlos Paz, Villa Giardino and Capilla del Monte.
Art Museum of Cordoba.

1992: La Loma Museum . Los Cocos
Public Library Sarmiento- La Falda

1993: General Paz Cultural Center-Cordoba

1994: Collective exhibition at the Rizzuto
Carlos Paz Art Museum.
Encotesa exhibition Center - La Falda

1995: La Falda and Carlos Paz Casinos.
The Blue Salon of the National Congress.
Collective exhibition at the Deliberante coun
-cil.Collective exhibition at the Tiro Indepen
-dence Club.

1996: The Golden shopping of Caballito.
Bollini Foundation.
Collective Exhibition at the Center of Argen
-tine Army Historic Museum.
Remember Pub (with radio coverage).

1997: La Dama de Bollini Gallery.
ATC Cultura (TV channel). University of Bel-
grano, Lavalle sede. Hipic Club Argentinean.
Pacific Galleries. University of Belgrano, Teo
-doro Garcia sede. House of Chubut. Collecti
-ve exhibition at the Hipic Club Argentinean.
Blue Salon at the National Congress.
Bollini Foundation.

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