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by Rain Crow

Own the Original 20" x 16"
Ships directly from the artist Rain Crow
Original Price: $100.00
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Year created: 2012
Original Size: 20" x 16"
Original Medium: Acrylic Work
Art Style: Abstract
Art Subject: Abstract
Artist comment about this artwork: "Colorful abstract signed and varnished".
Art by the Artist Rain Crow From Piedmont, Alabama, United States

Rain Crow was born October 31, 1959 of Cherokee-Scottish decent.
Growing up in Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina she spent many years learning traditional ways of both Cherokee and her Scottish Grandmothers ancient ways. Developing her own path was important to her and she was encouraged to do so by all who cared for her.
She has been an artist since early childhood. She took art classes in Elementary, Middle and High School and went on to study art in a small College in Alabama in the late 1970’s. She studied under private teachers in Georgia in the 1980’s. Married for 14 years she concentrated on her oil paintings and her home life. Divorced in 1997 and moved back to Cherokee North Carolina where her life took an entirely different path.
On October 27, 1997 she started to work in the tribal casino where she lived in Cherokee NC. Her time there was a deeply involved lesson of self love, unconditional love for others and compassion for all humanity. This is where she began to develop the style she now calls “abstract spiritualism”. As she grew into her own depths of Spirit so did her works. It became her way of expressing to the World just what life means to her. The colors flow from the brush as if being guided by another force, as if to say to everyone whose life this particular work might touch, “I belong to you for a reason. I was created just for you by this vessel”. Collectors who have purchased her paintings often say to her, “It was as if you knew I needed this painting”. Her work speaks to people with an inner voice. After moving several times since 2004, living in Arkansas and Tennessee she now resides in Alabama.


My art is inspired by the elements of Mother Earth, the Universe and from my Grandmother’s who led me through gardens, taught me of spiritual love and speak to me still from the depths of my heart. From my Earthly parents who allowed me the freedom to be who I am and my heavenly parents who love me because I AM. My spirit guide who is forever whispering in my ear, and my guardian angels that protect, guide, and love me with every breath.
Rain Crow

Her work is currently exhibited in the Whitman Gallery and Studio in Childersburg Alabama and her online Gallery, Art by Rain Crow at . Most recently she exhibited in the Mecca Festival presented by the Cultural Arts Center in Carrollton Ga.

She exhibited in JC Morgan Art Gallery in Oxford Alabama from June 2009 Through February 2010.
Whitman Gallery in 2011 and now owns her own Gallery called Studio 23 Art Gallery in Piedmont Alabama.

Her earlier works were shown across the South from North Carolina to Arkansas.

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