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by Russ Smith

Own the Original 18" x 12"
Ships directly from the artist Russ Smith
Original Price: $125.00
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Year created: 2010
Original Size: 18" x 12"
Original Medium: Charcoal Work
Art Style: Realism-Representational
Art Subject: Animals
Artist comment about this artwork: "The Original Charcoal Drawing Bear Bee Gone Original Drawing Price 12500Size 1218 inches80 bright white paper Sealed and preserved with Krylon Matte Finish which eliminates the glossy sheen is non-yellowing and is also moisture resistantThis charcoal drawing of a brown bear about to have a bad day as a bee is about to fly up his noseThe bee was added as aan after thought while work on the drawing he just seemed to have an atitude that needed changing ".
Art by the Artist Russ Smith

As someone who has always enjoyed drawing, it is sometime difficult to call myself an artist. Being able to see a subject and capture it in one of my charcoal drawings is something I find enjoyable. The memories and the enjoyment that I get from seeing the finished drawing is what I hope to relay onto the people that view my work.

I have never received any official training, or taken courses to learn techniques. I do not try to do photo realistic drawing, I believe a drawing is a drawing, I hope that when someone views my work it will trigger a special memory for them.

I began drawing when I was in grade school and continued into my late twenties it was not until the last year and a half that I started drawing again. I for got how much enjoyment it brought to me. I also forgot just how long some drawings take to get the way I want them.

As you will find when viewing my work there is a special place in my heart for wildlife my favorite subject. Although I do enjoy drawing just about anything it seems that if there is an animal in it, it is just a little more special to me.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work and if you have any comment on them then please leave me a comment or two. I would love to hear from you.

Thank You
Russ Smith

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