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by Alexey Pronin

Own the Original 17" x 13"
Ships directly from the artist Alexey Pronin
Original Price: $325.00
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Year created: 2008
Original Size: 17" x 13"
Original Medium: Digital Work
Art Style: Photorealism
Art Subject: Places
Artist comment about this artwork: "An artistic photograph of an evening rush hour in downtown of Hong Kong A long exposure let to blurring of people crossing the street at the green light while the rest of the scene is in sharp focus To make contrast more dramatic I turned most of the photograph into black-and-white leaving only people in color".
Art by the Artist Alexey Pronin From MIAMI, United States

Alexey Pronin was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. He got his education at Moscow State University and earned a PhD degree in biochemistry. In 1991 Alexey moved to the USA. His job brought him from Saint Louis to Philadelphia to San Diego. He currently lives in Miami, Florida.

For his first vacation in America Alexey bought a simple point-and-shoot camera to document his experience. That's when he discovered his love for photography. In a few months he traded the point-and-shoot camera for his first "real" camera (SLR) to get more control over the creative process. From the beginning Alexey showed affinity for bold use of color in his photographs. The first "official" recognition of his talent came in 1997 when his picture "Water lilies in red" was selected as one of the winners of the Popular Photography and Imaging Annual Contest and published in the January 1998 issue of the magazine. In 2005 Alexey switched from using film to digital photography. While still working as a scientist, Alexey dedicates much of his free time to fine art photography. His main subjects include nature, landscapes, cityscapes and abstracts. Alexey's pictures can be found in private collections around the world.

More of his work can be seen at

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