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by Janet Edwards

Own the Original 20" x 16"
Ships directly from the artist Janet Edwards
Original Price: $100.00
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Year created: 2010
Original Size: 20" x 16"
Original Medium: Acrylic Work
Art Style: Impressionism
Art Subject: Landscapes
Artist comment about this artwork: "Fishing Village - No frame needed - sides are painted16x 20 Original Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas SIGNED Titled and Dated on the back READY FOR HANGINGDescriptionDescription This painting is a comes from a small fishing village that we visited Each morning the boats made there way out to the ocean for fishing Notice the sailboat in the middle that was not moving in the early morning The name on the boat was Lisa B but if you want a different name I am willing to change it The only stipulation I have is that the name cannot be too long This is a hand painted orginal painting not a copy of any kind Includes A letter of authenticity showing a picture and signed by the artist is included with the painting ".
Art by the Artist Janet Edwards From Santa Cruz, California, United States

I started painting about ten years ago and love painting nature. I also make cards using some paints but also colored pencils. They still take a long time to make but are fun to sell for a very small amount of money.

I have won many awards over the years and love to paint more than anything. Email me and tell me what you think, I can paint almost anything and would rather paint what the public wants. What types of paintings are you looking for.

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