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by Daniel Ortega

Own the Original 18" x 24"
Ships directly from the artist Daniel Ortega
Original Price: $400.00
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Year created: 2012
Original Size: 18" x 24"
Original Medium: Mixed Media Work
Art Style: Abstract Expressionism
Art Subject: Abstract
Artist comment about this artwork: "18 x 24 stretched wood framed canvas Hand sculpted organic medium applied on canvas Portals of canvas cut out when dry to install stained glass on back of canvas portals Glass globs colored sand stones for enhancing the sculpted bas-relief artwork Natural red tint using Sedona Arizona red iron oxidecollected in the field Lighted with battery operated diodes inside recessed back cover Battery pack and switch permanently installed in cover for easy accessThis is a sample of what Stone of Light aka SOL can look like ".
Art by the Artist Daniel Ortega

Roberto creates hand sculpted bas-relief designs from the organic medium he developed. The medium dries hard and has the appearance of stone. Painting the finished work with acrylic, or bio "green seal" paints. Sometimes leaving it natural earth, plant or spiced colored he seals it with cactus juice or polyurethane. Enhancing his work with sand, glass, stones and metallic finishes makes a beautiful contrast on the sculpted surface. His medium is composed of non-endangered plant, wood, flowers, earth and stone.

His memorial artwork looks the same, but has cremated ashes interred into the medium. Ripley's Publishing featured his work in their 8th edition 2012 Annual Ripley's Believe It or Not! strikingly true

Ripley's Entertainment exhibits his work in their Orlando, Florida and Hollywood, California museums. His abstract and expressionist artwork is created with inner vision and cultural symbolism. Action Painting takes place with each work. Layer upon layer of various colors are applied to his medium. Various textures can be felt with your hands and explored with your eyes, like discovering a stone relic from an archeological dig.

Roberto traveled throughout Southern Mexico and Guatemala. With interest in Mayan, Mixtec, and Zapotec cultures, he visited many archaeological sites. Mr. Ortega made a career change in 1998 due to drafting transitioning to computerization. He relocated to Oaxaca, Mexico and learned holistic medicine from healers and Nuad Bo-Rarn ancient Thailand bodywork. His artwork is an expression of earth medicine using sustainable natural resources.

Earth Friendly Artwork is always evolving with new sustainable material. Consider his artwork as a "Save the Planet" cause. Artwork that honors the earth and all her relations in the cycle of life. It is vital we restore balance to the planet and conserve our natural resources for future generations. Please respect the earth, and recycle to reduce carbon footprints.

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