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by Yolanda Barjoud

Own the Original 11" x 14"
Ships directly from the artist Yolanda Barjoud
Original Price: $250.00
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Year created: 2004
Original Size: 11" x 14"
Original Medium: Oil Work
Art Style: Realism-Representational
Art Subject: Still Life
Artist comment about this artwork: "still life of beautiful crocuses".
Art by the Artist Yolanda Barjoud

About the Artist

Born and raised in Colombia S.A. where she studied Art and Decoration at the Sacred Heart Academy. Although she has not had a formal education in art, she has been painting in acrylic and pastel on her own. She came to the USA with her parents and family, since then she has made Miami her home.
She has won a number of awards in ceramics competitions for her hand sculpted Flowers and Birds. Recently in 1996 she started painting in oil, all of her artistic skill have been self-taught. Her love for nature inspired most of her paintings and ceramics. Today she continues to express her love and passion in an ever-changing array of new work.
She had group exhibitions at The Schacknow Museum of Fine Arts in Plantation, Florida where she won an award in a jury art competition.
Several group exhibitions in Period Gallery in Omaha ,Nebraska. Several group exhibitions at Broward Art Guild in Ft Lauderdale, Florida .
Recently at One Ear Society Gallery Portrait Art Exhibition in Coconut Grove, Fla., and Lady Audrey’s Gallery juried art competition and Exhibition in Darien, Ct.

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