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by Alex Bertaina

Own the Original 100cm x 100cm
Ships directly from the artist Alex Bertaina
Original Price: $4,660.00
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Year created: 2005
Original Size: 100cm x 100cm
Original Medium: Oil Work
Art Style: Expressionism
Art Subject: Landscapes
Artist comment about this artwork: "Colza en fleurs Oil on canvas 100x100 2005Comment by Annie Droit Girard Emotional impressions Alex Bertaina are made in high tension without succumbing to the temptation of detail which allows the painting behind the line between real and abstract and create a resplendent style while movementsHe likes to let warm tones that give the impression of a fire and he is guided by the energy of the dull material worked Harmonious rhythms recompose its original radiant palette in a passionate pursuit of instinctive beauty but mastered rigorous but free to send us to escape distant dreamLandscapes freed from all its obvious presence and with patience his paintings partially reveal their mysteryHe leaves spring color in spontaneous outbursts where seasonal alternations make us think of an appointment between the sun and the earthLandscapes gaining energy they lose detail in real transformations due to chromatic impact and sparkling exuberanceAnd the viewer is returned to a multitude of images that heckling paintings in bright emotions and multiple vibrations Interpreted by an alert knife or carved into a smooth paste the magical element in his art his paintings show us the generosity of the gesture at the border of abstraction and a living space much aliveBertaina is a painter topical dares amazing contrasts but tojours flexibility and communion with this beautiful material worked with enthusiasm and happiness in freedom In total harmony with his time Alex enthusiasm Bertaina us because it helps us to populate our imagination of our own aspirations to regain the original beauty of natureLyon France ".
Art by the Artist Alex Bertaina From Cuneo, Italy

I was born in Turin in 1963 and I live and work in Cuneo (Italy). I am an autodidact painter. Since I was a child drawing has been to me a prime channel of expression, I remember that at school I enjoyed drawing pictures from the incomprehensible scribbling made by my classmates. At the beginning I met the late Marco Lattes, who helped me to correct my watercolourist’s gaps . in the 1980s I attended many impromptus , where I received flattering awards and where I was able to deal with different art forms and artists in depth. In the early 1990's I had almost a close pictorial association with my friend Pierpaolo Giraudo with whom I shared a trip to the Aosta Valley in search of picturesque views. Since 1995 I have expanded my views to the north of Italy, where while participating to various national competitions I met several critics including Professor Umberto Zaccaria, who presented my first monograph. In 2001, I met Jean Louis Droit, a French art dealer, whom opened for me the European scene. Since then it has been a succession of shows!
Bell Fine Art Gallery, Winchester (UK)
Galerie des Brotteaux, Lyon (France)
Galerie Temps des Arts, Praz sur Arly (France)
Galerie Vent des Cimes, Grenoble (France)

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