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by Judy Horan

Own the Original 11" x 11"
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Year created: 2013
Original Size: 11" x 11"
Original Medium: Pen Work
Art Style: Illustration
Art Subject: Animals
Artist comment about this artwork: "Brown Owl rendered in Pen Ink".
Art by the Artist Judy Horan From Newmarket, Bulgaria

Judy has always been intrigued by nature and it's inherent beauty, leading to an imaginative obsession with fog and mist. This is often reflected in her nature scenes and photographs. Favourite subjects are in nature; wild animals, and people. Mediums Used: Pen & Ink, Watercolour and Photography. She enjoys bringing her own sense of reality to a scene, whether imagined or photographed.

Judy’s inspirations are a collection of her experiences. Motivated by her Father, who always pushed her to see the possibilities, encouraged by new ideas, thoughts, with the creative application to enrich and re-invent her own style.
She first realized her passion, in Grade School, when it became apparent that the art requirements were coming more naturally to her than her classmates. From then on, with her Father’s support and encouragement, she started experimenting with new mediums, subjects and ideas.

Continuing her education, Judy focused her studies in The Arts (Fine Art & Music). Studying at higher levels, she experienced many different mediums, ultimately settling into Watercolours and Pen & Ink. Many artists have artistically enthused Judy over the years, most significantly Canadian artists, past & present. (David McEown, Tom Thomson, Alex Colville, Robert Bateman, Lawren Harris).

Judy has raised 2 children to the wonderful young adults they are today. They are her pride and joy. But now that they are busy with their own lives, Judy's time is devoted to a full time job but loves to relax by creating, reading a book or enjoying a very eclectic array of music, including Jazz, Classical, Classic Rock, Easy Listening ... and open to anything that is creative.

Nature walks. always with her camera in tow, often provide her inspiration.

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